Roman  Blinds

Sunrise  Roman  Blinds

Roman blinds are a great statement of style and offer a more softer look than other blind styles. Roman Blinds Operate & look better fitted outside of the reveal face fitted.

Roman Blinds Gallery


  • Fabrics:
    • Blockout
    • Light Filtering
    • Sunscreen

  • Controls:
    • Swivel Lock
    • Heavy Duty Cord Lock
    • Chain Drive
    • Motor

  • Constructed using the patented Romatech aluminium lift system and polycarbonate lift rings.
  • Clips are manufactured from 100% virgin polycarbonate and will not go brittle over time.
  • All lift cords are UV stabilised preventing deterioration due to sun exposure.
  • Have a soft fold between the lift battens creating the appearance of a larger pocket spacing due to the larger panel spacing and the folding in the middle of the panel please note that this will creased fold mark.
  • Fold into the same stack size as Venice and Ocean blinds.
  • NO sides hem option due to the wider spacing as the hem restricts the fabric from folding correctly, fabrics will be cut using crush cut or ultrasonic cutting technology depending on the fabric.
  • Eden panel size 300mm – 400mm.