Sheer  Verticals

Sunrise  Sheer  Blinds

Sheer Verticals moves sideways. Fabric vanes are woven with sheer layer which create the look of soft drapery. Allows suitable light filtrations by tilting the vanes. Best suitable for office partitions and privacy required places and large windows.

Sheer Vertical Gallery

Perfect for large picture windows and patio doors, Sunrise Sheer Verticals Shades offer the soft look of sheer draperies with the added light control of blinds. These shades are comprised of rigid, fabric-covered vanes that are seamlessly integrated into the surrounding Sheer Verticals fabric. When the vanes are opened, the transparent sheer fabric softly filters the light and preserves your view, while protecting your furnishings from UV rays. When the vanes are closed, they block light to darken the room and enhance privacy. Perceptions Sunrise Sheer Verticals Shades stack compactly to the side of your window when drawn open and are available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

A fabric insert valance is an upgraded option and a more contemporary option, which coordinates with Sheer Verticals fabric for a seamless appearance and a softer finishing touch with clean lines.

Perceptions Sunrise Sheer Verticals Shades can be specified with a one-way stack (shades and controls stack at the same end), an opposite stack (shades and controls stack at opposite ends) or a split stack (whereby shades part in the middle and move to opposite ends of the window).

Sunrise Sheer Verticals are controlled using a chain and cord system. Wand system & motorized options are available.