Vertical  Blinds

Tracking system

  • 41mm heavy duty track system (Robust, eliminates sag & has self aligning carriers with replaceable hooks & stainless steel spacers).
  • Geared control box – no direct drive (precise control & easier to operate).
  • Dual Control System (Greater control, flexibility & functionality on most application).
  • Wand or cord operation (both adhere to childsafety legislation).
  • Optional fabric insert.

Fabric Vertical Blinds

Sunrise Verticals for the smallest window to sliding doors. Verticals combine function and fashion to great effect. They are mould and fade resistant, have an anti static dust resistant coating and a wipe clean surface. They come in 89mm slat widths.

Vertical Blinds Gallery


  • Available in 89mm slats.
  • Maximum width 3900mm. This can be increased when using dual controls.
  • Maximum drop (89mm slat) 3000mm.
  • Minimum reveal required for an 89mm slat 65mm, Maximum coverage area per blind for 89mm slats 9m2.
  • Child safety control feature as standard.
  • Wand operated optional.

89mm verticals

  • Fits narrower reveals.
  • Has a more modern & sleeker look.
  • Allows you more light control into the room.

Slop Verticals

  • One of few products to cover a raked window.
  • Bunch must be at longest side.
  • Can only be left or right bunch.
  • Can accommodate sloping top or sloping bottom.
  • Slats are cut square and stepped.
  • Cannot exceed 45degree angle.
  • Uni joint hook supplied for functionality.
  • Designed for tilt only, bunched only to clean window.
  • Slats marked on site and returned for finish.